Monday, July 21, 2014

Summertime Solutions: Sand

By this time of year, it's everywhere. Every. Where.

Here are some tips to make the beach just a pleasant memory.

How do you keep sand out of the house?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summertime Stain Solution: Kool-Aid & Popsicles

They're staples of childhood, and the bane of every parent's summer. Save your carpet from looking like a tie-dyed art project gone bad.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summertime Stain Solution: Red Wine

As the temps heat up, so does the frequency of red wine and sangria spills. Use this simple chart to quickly return your carpets to their original color.

Blot - don't rub! - the stain with a dish towel, then pour a little sparkling water on the stain and blot some more.

If the spot dries and the stain remains, douse it with baking powder and vacuum thoroughly. We suggest the Air Pro Bagless Upright.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Six Types of Carpet Cleaning Challenges, Solved

Whether you’re washing your carpets because of kids, pets or life’s everyday spills, we have a cleaner that will fit your lifestyle. 

By Amber Matheson
New Homeowner 
Whether you just entered the world of home ownership, or you finally saved up enough for your dream home, you want to make sure it sparkles before move-in. The SteamVac Carpet Washer with Clean Surge can help extend the life of your carpets, and features a 3-Speed Brushroll Control perfect for virtually every surface in your home. Pair the gentle scrubbing motion of our patented SpinScrub brushes with the “low” speed for more delicate or deep-pile carpeting and rugs, or turn off the brushroll completely if you want to quickly pick up a recent spill.

Pet Palace 
You’re most likely a veteran of the vacuum, waging a daily war against pet hair on your floors and furniture. You’re winning the battle, but to truly win the war, you’ll need a good carpet washer in your arsenal. The SteamVac Pet Complete Carpet Washer with Clean Surge features our patented SpinScrub technology, and comes with a SpinScrub powered hand tool so you can attack pet stains on your stairs and your sofa. Plus, this carpet cleaner comes standard with a special Pet Formula cleaning detergent and a pack of Quick Clean-up Pet Wipes.

The House of a Zillion Spills 

Babies and toddlers underfoot; kids who can’t get through a dinner without spilling their milk; teens… Just teens. We’ve been there. That’s why we built the Dual Power Carpet Washer. It’s incredibly compact and lightweight (less than 14 pounds), and costs just $99.99. So you can do a little less sighing and a little more spot-cleaning.

Busy with Baby 
There’s probably a very good reason you haven’t deep cleaned your carpets in a while: You and your new family member use them way too much. If your life is lived on the floor, playing with blocks and dealing with baby messes, you need a quick and easy-to-use cleaner that will get you back on the carpet quickly. The Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer comes standard with a number of time-saving features. The DualV Nozzle provides consistent suction to clean surfaces quickly and evenly; forced heated air helps speed up the dry time; four strategically-placed handles make transporting simple; and the Wash/Rinse Selector means you can transition between soapy and clean water without having to switch tanks.

Cramped Condo 

Small spaces require innovative tools that don’t take up a lot of space. So if you live in an apartment, condo or a cozy home, you need a cleaner that fits in with all the other tools in your utility closet – but still offers the versatility and power you’d expect from a Hoover product. The PowerPath Deluxe Carpet Washer features the same Dual Tank technology and Fingertip Solution Control you’ll find on our larger models, as well as an accessory tool pack you can use to clean your stairs and furniture. Yet it’s all contained in a compact 13.4 pound frame, with less bulky clean and dirty water tanks. Perfect for smaller spaces.

White Glove Cleaner 
So, you like to clean. A lot. That’s why we designed the Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner. It features the tools you need to give your floors a thorough deep clean as often as you choose, including Pressurized Edge-to-Edge Cleaning and 60 patented SpinScrub counter-rotating brushes. It also has a wide, 13-inch DualV Nozzle to tackle the biggest cleaning jobs and an automatic detergent system that provides just the right mix of detergent and water for optimal cleaning results.

Have a cleaning challenge we didn't tackle on this list? Let us know, and we'll pair your challenge with the perfect carpet cleaner.

Friday, June 13, 2014

What's In a Box?

A look at the innovations behind the new Hoover Air Cordless packaging.

We listen to you.

That’s why we made the Air Cordless. It’s the first full-size, upright vacuum without a cord, and it’s a cleaner we’re really proud of – we even gave it a five-year warranty, and included two batteries (so you can still clean while one battery is charging).

We know this vacuum is going to make you rethink cleaning. From the moment you touch the box, we wanted you to realize: this is something different.

We didn’t stop with the vacuum itself. We looked at the box, and thought about how we could make the experience of opening the box as innovative and easy as using the cleaner.

“We integrated the manual into the box itself,” explains Paddy Cope, part of our New Product Insights team. “Hoover is one of the first to do that. There’s no opening plastic bags to get parts, no finding the manual.”

Of course, we still included a traditional manual. We just made it quicker to read and even easier to understand.

You’ll see the difference as soon as you begin to open your new Air Cordless. For starters, there’s a lid, rather than the typical flaps on a carton. It lifts up much like the lid to a ring box. Once you’ve lifted the lid, the bottom section of the box unfolds, and presents you with the directions you need to assemble the vacuum.

“Our testers literally created a platform for new owners to quickly assemble their vacuums,” notes Cope. “When you’re at home and you want to work, you clear a space. That’s what we’ve done with this fold-out box: We’ve created a space for people to build, to move.”

The cleaner slides easily out of the box and assembles with a simple click. The batteries are even partially charged, so you can start cleaning immediately.

We’re consumers, too, and we know there are a lot of emotions wrapped up in making a purchase. You’re probably excited, but apprehensive when opening the box. So we thought about how to make it better. We like to think we thought of everything when we designed this box – what do you think?

Watch the box unfold in this video: 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hoover Air Cordless vs. Dyson DC44: Which Picks Up Better?

What's important to you in a cordless vacuum?

We compared the new Hoover Air Cordless vacuum to the Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim in a series of side-by-side tests. In this cordless vacuum comparison video, you'll find out more about the similarities and differences between the Air Cordless and the DC44, from run time, to charge time, to performance and price. We look forward to hearing your reviews of the two vacuums.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

2014 Wedding Gift Guide: The Top Five Gifts for the Bride & Groom on Your List

Know a couple getting married? Whether they’re new graduates or veterans of the school of life, we’ve got the perfect gift to help them maintain their home – and a state of wedded bliss.
These two fell in love early, and fell hard. Now they’re getting married – but they may not have much in the way of household supplies. This is the kind of couple who needs the basics, like a powerful vacuum that can tackle the messes in a young, active household. Try the Whole House Elite. At under $120, it won’t break the bank – but it will banish the dirt.
Big city dreams, entry-level salaries. If you’re headed to the wedding of hipster friends who are long on style but short on cash – and probably headed to an uber-trendy micro apartment in a city you’ve always wanted to visit – then they could use the LiNX. This cordless stick vacuum is part of our Platinum Collection. For big homes, it’s a cinch for in-between cleanings. For small spaces, it’s stylish, svelte and perfect as their only cleaner.
Some celebrations aren’t just about the bride and groom – they include kids and pets and two kitchen’s worth of dishes. Give them a gift that recognizes the many, many spills yet to come: the Dual Power Carpet Washer. It’s one of the lightest carpet washers we make, which makes it convenient enough to use on everyday messes.
Did you get their wedding invitation via email? Are they toying with the idea of turning their newlywed nest into a Smart Home? Are they the first to weigh in on cellphone debates? Save them from ordinary, traditional cleaners; get them an Air Cordless, a revolutionary, full-size upright vacuum without a cord.
We all know people who are amazingly put together, with gorgeous homes and fantastic vacation photos. Surprise them with an unexpected gift that they’ll end up using all the time: a FloorMate Deluxe. It will change the way they clean hard floors – so they can get back to the fun parts of life.

Wondering what to get for the couple in your life? Tell us about them, and we’ll help you find a gift that’s perfect.